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May 25, 2006

?? this has to hurt

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May 20, 2006

To Much Pwnage

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just to much pwnage 😀

amazing what can happen when people get bored


May 18, 2006


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work was ok today, kinda weird when i left, truck followed me all the way to a gas station. could be just by chance, but the truck rolled threw the gas station real slow(creeping) very odd, will keep a watch out for it

May 17, 2006

3D Games

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the 3d game maker i have is pretty cool for 3d games, cant wait till i get another computer so i can use it in detail, my laptop is nice but doesnt have the power i need to build the worlds for it, and also i am on windows2k3 which has no support for most of my hardware, or works in a limited way, like d3d will not run at all, so pretty much no new games for me. dont play any games on here but building one on anything over dx7 in programming is out of the question 😦

RPG engine

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havnt found much on these, there are several out but none to my liking.there is one engine that is real nice but is online only. :|. its great looking and all, but everyone doesnt have the money to create a server for a program like this. seems like companies would build it so it could be just single player. oh well, i will keep looking

Little DB App

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did this for a guy other day the interface is really basic, as i based it off of his own project. code is all mine anyone wants it then get it. is built in visual basic 6

May 8, 2006

Company Policy

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this happens a few times a month but this one kind of sticks out. a female customer called today to order a pizza from her cell phone, and i had several cell phone orders today and we always do, only difference today is i had several prank call's from kids and people giving out fake home phone numbers to get a valid delivery or for criminal purposes, either way i was calling back all orders placed from cell phones and verifying the home number, if it was out of service then no delivery. several never called back, but a few did and i explained the policy(@ the pizza shop i work at there has been a long standing saftey and security policy on delivery orders. in the past call in orders for delivery were not accepted from cell phones period. couple years ago, this policy changed somewhat with the increase of cell phone usage. we will accept a cell phone delivery *If they have a valid home telephone number(land line). all first time orders with no order history to a home phone number must be called back to be verified. in 99% of all cases when someone calls from a cell phone and has a order history under a home phone we will deliver to the address. if the person taking the order feels somthing is wrong with the order he|she will call it back or ask a manager about it, in either case the order will be verified threw the home number.see end of article on why we have this policy.) the people that called back understood the policy and either did a pick up order or didnt  order at all.

in this case i told the customer i would call them back with the price of the order and she said that was fine. the phone number came back out of service(meaning disconnected) what ever reason doesnt matter it is not connected or on. she called back a few mins later asking what the price was and if i had the right address(remember she already knew i was calling her back) i told her i could not deliver the pizza because the number she provided was out of service, she told me one of her kid's must have unplugged the phone(which is a lie, right off the bat i knew she was lying as this is one of the most comman responces on out of service phones, and i heard her in the back ground saying to another person asking if they paid the bill or somthing similar or that they had paid the bill, no matter the phone was out of service and i told her i could not deliver a pizza to a house with no valid home phone number. then she started giving me some crap about how she has 3 kids and just got off work and other stupid crap that has nothing todo with our delivery policy. told her again that i could not deliver the order and eventually she just hung up.

short time later she showed up asking me why i wouldnt deliver the pizza and she got the same responce i as gave her earlier. then wanting the district managers office and phone number, told her when the owner would be in and she said that wasnt good enough lol. said she wanted the DISTRICT MANAGERS OFFICE NUMBER ROFLMFAO. told her again there was not one and ofcourse she still didnt believe me, told me to write it down and did (just wrote the stores number down and when he would be in).

then she started talking about how she was in law school and she knew her rights??? now hold on a second how do we get from cell phones to rights? and what rights? she said that sence her last name was martinez that i would not take her order.??lets see most of my orders were from mexicans today .whatever what a dumbass. and the kicker is that she said she was a district manager(at some unknown buisness) and that the policy should not apply to her. well if she is really a DM then the position was obviously giving to her and not earned, as any DM would know what company policy is and why it should be followed and also why policies are made in the first place. there was some more talk and she said she still wanted to order and i said fine and told her the phone person would take her order(i would have but by this time there was pizza's pouring out of the oven and could not take her order at the time). after the phone person got off the phone the women and him talked about somthing but i did not hear, next thing i know she left.

reason's on this policy

the main reason for this type of policy is to protect the drivers the customers and the company. there is no way to very an address from a cell phone as it is not attached to a address its attached to a person, pre-pay phones are even worse as they are not tracable. most robberies and such that i have seen and know about are from cell phones. this can cause a problem taking orders from them as why we have this policy, no matter if you live in the ghetto or in the richest neihborhood, it must remain equal because of the cry babies that live in their own created nightmares would cray fowl if we would deliver to the low or non existed crime areas to cell phones and not their crime infested ones. i am not saying that this customer was, as she wasnt. but oh well

May 5, 2006

Game Engine

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been looking around for a deceint rpg style game engine, havnt found many, or more to the point many that i can offord oh well. maybe when i learn enough of c i can write my own 😀

Irc Channel

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made a irc channel server is port 6697 ssl only room #rce

several other rooms there that are linked from own-hero and cyberarmy

April 30, 2006

CO-RSE Crack

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worked with a friend of mine, he wanted to do a cracking paper and ask me to help him out. got the program and had no packing or file encryption protection. started it up and checked the registration protection and turned out to be a math based key system, similar to what microsoft and others use for registration system. i had some hints from my friend on were to start so i ran threw them and turned out this is a delphi app and it seems all the strings are loaded onstartup 😐 , so back tracing from strings doesnt help me. so i loaded up dede(delphi decompiler | dissasembler) and looked for the registration form and found the button click event and looked at the dissasembly. in the ouput you see this below


ok the jmp(jump) that is highlighted is what i changed it was jnz(jump if not zero flag)

there were several(18) jumps like that. you have 5 text boxes to put in the key and basicaly what this routine does when you click the register button, it grabs the text from the textbox then runs it threw a routine then sets a flag weither it was good or bad if good then goes to next box if not messagebox key error, and so on threw each text box, then back to the first box threw another routine similar to the first. after all that goes to

keyfile and registry entries. after all that is patched it still says it is in trial mode so i missed somthing in that loop, which doesnt matter right now as we stil need to patch the
startup so it thinks it is a registered program.

from what we gathered in the last routine we know that regkey.ini stores the key you input, so at startup it must read from this file or the registry then run it threw a routine and check if it is good or not. to keep this short i fixed it,took 4 jumps and 1 change of a flag and now when it loads it think's it is registered. would go into more details but its 230am and i need some sleep


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